Looking after your skin is essential

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Many people are desperate to take care of their skin and look after it. Women, in particular, are often told by friends and professionals that they need to learn how to manage their skin and start taking an active role in doing so. Otherwise, they risk the effects of visible aging. It can be a confusing experience for many who don’t understand the intricacies behind their skin’s appearance or how best to protect its future health.

If you are new to the subject of skincare, there are two things that you need to know:

  1. Your skin is your biggest organ, and as such, it absorbs everything you put on it. This includes both the chemicals in the Microbiome skincare productsyou use and the nutrients in any vitamins/face creams, etc., that you apply outside your skin. The fats, oils, and water in these products travel through the bloodstream to all parts of your body, where one or more organs can use them.

This is particularly true if you’re a woman, as most of your skin is located below the waist: breasts and hips are coated in an oily layer that keeps them looking young, smooth, and supple. As this layer gradually breaks down with age, it reveals new layers underneath that look duller and older than they should.

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  1. The quickest way to make your skin look older is to apply a product with a high percentage of oil or thick cream (more than 10%). When you’re young, your skin replenishes its natural oils overnight, so applying lots of extra oil on top of it will make it look and feel greasy. However, oil is the best protection that your skin can get against harsh weather conditions, so experts recommend protecting your skin with a high percentage (30%-35%) of water-based moisturizer instead.

This doesn’t mean you must avoid cream entirely, but you have to be careful when choosing it, as many creams sold in the store contain water and thick oils already present in our bodies. These creams may feel great on your skin, but they won’t last much longer than the average water or serum.

As you get older, your body produces less and less of these vitamins, so you should make sure the products you apply on the surface of your skin contain plenty of them. Products made using those ingredients are more likely to add life to your face. The cream has all of the vitamins, but it will also help your skin absorb them without requiring extra effort.

People are often confused about what products to choose, but it’s easier than you think – look for a product that contains antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. These will be listed on the labels, and they will tell you exactly what condition they’re suitable for and how they work to achieve that effect.

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