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Sports are good for your health. Yes, it is true, but when injuries happen, people do not take it lightly. If not concerned, injuries result in chronic diseases.

Reahibailaton is required after a sports injury and at rapid physio care, we are known as a rehabilitation center. We have physiotherapists who help people fast recovery through an exercise program that is made for recovery.

We have seen that various injuries happen in sports and we have remedies for all kinds of injuries. People who have taken our recovery program, given by our physiotherapists, are now completely satisfied with its results. All our people’s satisfaction is making us the leader in rehabilitation and sports injury physio in Singapore.

Our approach to injury

Our physiotherapist specializes in giving rehabilitation to people with sports injuries. A sports physiotherapist helps in reducing inflammation and improving cardiovascular fitness. It also strengthens weakened muscle groups. A physiotherapist creates an exercise regime based on the severity of the injury and the body’s stage in the recovery process.

Any injury you have, big or small, we will take care of this and promise you will feel confident in less time.

Some factors are very important in creating the exercise program and your physiotherapist takes care of them.

  • Frequency

The number of times a day you should do the exercise.

  • Intensity

How much exercise can you do?

  • Duration

How long  you should do the exercise

  • exercises

Which exercise is best for rehabilitation?

In creating a rehabilitation program, some important things you consider

The progress

The physiotherapist knows how you are going to progress with this exercise and how it is going to improve your health.

The physiotherapist also knows when you will be good at resuming sports activity, either partially or full time.

Our vision

sports injury physio

We want to lead in physiotherapy and deliver the best therapy to people. With best practices and management, we want to enhance our work in physiotherapy.

Our values

We have set four major core values that are

  1. Professional integrity

Doing best professional responsibility to client  and employees.

  1. Sustained support

Support in every phase from installing to maintaining

  1. Total dedication

Complete dedication in working towards the solution of your problem

  1. Heartfelt care

We always believe in giving the best care to people, and we do it.

We are the best working in our core values.

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