Learn the benefits of soap noodles and their uses.

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Soap noodles are the primary raw material for making toilet soap and laundry bars. The other materials for the final product will depend on the manufacturers. The prices of soap noodles will rely on vendors based on different conditions and qualities like moisture content and color. Commodities is the leading provider of palm oil-based soap noodles made from palm oil and palm kernel. TheĀ soap noodles are used in different industries worldwide for bar soap production.

Uses of soap noodles

Soap noodles are the main ingredient in the production of bar soap. It is the sodium salts of fatty acids from vegetable oils or animal fats. Soap noodles can be used to make toilets, laundry, and different soap products, depending on color, from yellow to white. Soap production from soap noodles is straightforward because noodles are soap. You only have to reheat the noodles to manage their melting. You can use the soap after you heat the soap noodles once they are cooled.

Toilet soap

Toilet soap is used to make hand wash and bathing soap. It is more expensive than other noodles because they have higher oil content. Most of the toilet soap is mainly off-white, snow-white, or extra-white.

PALMOSALT Soap Noodles

Flexible soap

These noodles will help manufacturers manufacture flexible soap where it is economical. It is used to wash clothes and bathe rather than buy different soaps for different uses.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap noodles are made to make economical laundry soap. LSN is quite economical compared to those high-quality laundry noodles. The laundry soaps use cheaper palm oils with lower oil content than toilet soaps. Laundry soap noodles are made with sodium silicate and kaolin because these two add the hardness needed in laundry soap noodles. The hardness is essential when you are making laundry bar soaps.


Soap noodles are made from the saponification of methyl esters and saponification of neutral oil and fats. TFM is made of fat from other oil blends, moisture contents, and glycerine, which are essential in different soap grades. Noodles are made from palm oil and blended with palm kernel or coconut oil.

You can even get translucent noodles that are sold in the market. The transparency is unnatural; you must reach its translucency by forcing soap molecules to allow light passage. You can get it when consequential or special finishing lines are used with propylene glycol, sorbitol, or glycerin. The vegetable oil-based soap noodles are made from palm kernel oil and palm oil, which are used as raw materials for the bar soaps.

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