The Rewards of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

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SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a single-step laser eyesight correction method. Your ophthalmologist creates a micro-incision in your cornea using a femtosecond laser and computer-guided technology during this advanced refractive surgery. Your eye surgeon then reshapes your cornea using the same laser technology, giving you the best vision improvement possible.

This groundbreaking operation is regarded as the most significant improvement in refractive surgery technology in the previous ten years. But what distinguishes SMILE as a ground-breaking procedure? Continue reading to learn about some of the most significant advantages of this life-changing vision repair procedure.

Less Obtrusive

Traditionally, your eye doctor would construct a corneal flap during vision correction surgery to obtain access to the inner layer of your cornea and reshape it. Because of the little incision made in your cornea instead of a flap, SMILE is characterized as a “no flap” procedure. Because of the smaller incision and less stress on your corneal tissue, the operation is less intrusive.


The safety of SMILE is comparable to that of regular LASIK laser eye surgery. Your surgeon will use some of the most advanced computer-guided laser technology throughout your SMILE operation to assure your safety throughout the process. The smile eye surgery cost hk is great.

Pain is minimal to nonexistent

You will be given anesthetic drops to numb your eyes as well as relaxing meditation to help you relax during the treatment. The majority of patients say they are in no pain.

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The full procedure will take around an hour and a half, but the laser phase will only take about thirty seconds per eye. To guarantee your comfort, the majority of your consultation will be spent double-checking all measures and preparing for your treatment. Nurses will also keep an eye on you after surgery to make sure you’re on the right track to recovery.


Your vision correction method will be tailored to your unique eyesight needs and objectives. Because of the high level of precision and advanced technology, eyesight is considerably more predictable. The smile eye surgery cost hong kong is competitive with other markets.

Experience Fewer Side Effects

Dry eye syndrome is a typical adverse effect of vision correction surgery that is easily treated with lubricating eye drops. Due to the tiny incision used during SMILE surgery, patients experience less undesirable side effects such as dry eyes or discomfort.

Unfortunately, LASIK laser eye surgery is not an option for certain people with visual difficulties. SMILE laser eye surgery turns out to be exactly what the doctor ordered for many of them!