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Nicole Sciacca

Nicole Sciacca Anderson is the owner and creator of Hustle & Flow Fitness. Nicole danced professionally her entire life and moved to Los Angeles from Birmingham Alabama thirteen years ago. After suffering a horrible back injury in 2006 that changed the trajectory of her dance career, she needed to find an outlet for her energy and genetic disposition for sweat. What originally seemed like her biggest roadblock ultimately introduced her to her greatest passion. Nicole simultaneously began yoga and indoor cycling while recovering – and knew she was onto something. Although she had swam and danced her entire life, it was yoga that transformed her mind, body and spirit all at once. It was cycling that created that infectious energy and allowed her to merge music and movement once again. She felt she could not share these gifts fast enough.

Nicole first began teaching locally in Venice and began gathering certifications from Schwinn, Equinox, and YogaPoser. Nicole was inspired by the studios and gyms around town but felt like there was a personal connection and investment that was not as strong as it could be. She loves people — all backgrounds, personality types, world views. She believes that everyone looking to work hard or change their physicality has a story, and it fascinates her to learn of each step. Our stories are what define us, and she wants to know them all.

Nicole’s energy is unparalleled and her sense of humor will leave you gasping for breath between laughs. Hustle & Flow is her love letter to every single person who has inspired her journey – each person whose story she has watched unfold.

You can find Nicole here:
Facebook: Nicole Sciacca Fitness
Facebook: Hustle and Flow Fitness