Health & Wellness

Cory’s AssKicker Plus

90 minute version of our aptly named athletic yoga flow class! This class is a sensory roller coaster as Cory leads you through yoga sequences set to loud, pumping music while incorporating a healthy dose of core work, short cardio bursts, plyometrics, and A LOT of sweaty fun. Come rock out with us and be sure to bring an extra towel! Your fitness resolutions can be put to the test and trust us, you’ll have earned your Sunday happy hour.

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Noel’s Hustle & Burn

Noel begins with a 45 minute rockin’ spin class that will include an endurance pace, meeting threshold, and then blasting to the finish line with interval sets. Noel will then transition everyone into the yoga room for 45 minutes of a core-focused blend of isolation work and high intensity intervals, followed by an amazing cool down with a deep stretch session. It might BURN but you will NOT regret it. (It’s bikini season all year in So-cal)

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Mary Wiggins’ “Love Bites”

f26c0eb7-f80b-4cb4-9e92-13552549ac5eYoga + Chocolate? Yes, please!

In celebration of LOVE, this Valentine’s Day join Mary Wiggins and raw vegan Chocolatier- Love Bites Chocolate for a candle-lit afternoon of heart opening yoga paired with a mini info session (and tasting!) on the benefits of raw chocolate!

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Yin. Yang. Hustle. Flow.

Applying an ancient theory of medicine to your workout.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was built on the concept of yin and yang. Literally everything in the universe contains a yin aspect and a yang aspect. They are two opposite yet complementary and supporting energies. They cannot exist without each other. A good example of a yin-yang pair would be day and night. Day is the yang aspect and night is the yin aspect. Both offer totally different things, but together they create a totality, or a complete whole. We can really only grasp and understand something in relation to the whole. According to Chinese medicine, disease, which literally means “dis-ease,” happens when yin and yang are out of balance. Remember, yin and yang can be applied to anything because everything has an opposing aspect. I hope I haven’t lost you yet, and if I have, welcome to the last 3+ years of my life! Just kidding, kind of. Hang in there.

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