October Endurance Challenge


SUNDAY October 19th
12:30pm to 2:30pm
$27 per person, 2 for $40 if you bring a newbie to the Challenge!
w/ Nicole Sciacca, Ashley Patton, Angela Gusman & Gaia Scott-Crouch

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Spring Challenge

Our SPRING CHALLENGE is easy and FREE. Simply have your polaroid taken at the front desk and we’ll tally all the classes you take from that day forward. The first person to complete 20 classes wins FIRST PLACE: a 3 day JUICE CLEANSE from Pressed Juicery. SECOND PLACE: a 10 class package and THIRD PLACE: a 5 class package. It’s like a reward system. The more you take the better your odds.

Next month we intend to have a community cleanse hosted through Pressed Juicery and the winner of this month’s challenge will have their’s paid for in full. HOW EXCITING!

Pressed is an incredible company and if you’ve never heard of them, take a look here.

Juicing is a delicious way to recharge your body and mind while detoxing your whole system. Get in on the challenge and win this cleanse, or the FREE CLASSES. You Are Worth It.

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