Mother’s Day Gift Card Special!

You got it from your mama… why not pay it forward! You can’t go wrong with the gift of health.

Treat Mom this Mother’s Day with a Hustle & Flow Gift Card, 3 Classes for $35!

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Free Child Care Every Friday @ 9AM

Starts Friday, 5/9

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AssKicker Moves to Monday @ 9AM

As Tearson takes her maternity leave, we are thrilled to announce Mary Wiggins will be bringing AssKicker to our morning line up. Nicole Sciacca Anderson created this hybrid class back in 2008. It is a high energy yoga flow that fuses cardio and plyometric bursts (ie. burpees), core work and a well earned savasana. It is a full body workout to heart pumping tunes that will leave you sweaty and feeling accomplished! This class is challenging but can be modified for all levels. Bring two towels.

Join Mary for her regular yoga flow classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am.

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H&F Featured Teacher > Angela Gusman

“If you don’t like something, change it.” – Maya Angelou

After one freezing Chicago winter too many I was ready to start living the warm and sunny California dream I’ve always longed to live. A year ago I set the intention of sunshine, love, luck and miracles. The power of intention quickly manifested my new path to California and I found myself quitting my great job and packing up my car to move across country via the historic Route 66. My Los Angeles destination met me with everything I claimed one year ago and more.

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H&F Featured Teacher > Diane Magnette

6 Reasons To Exercise For Your Mental Health

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H&F Featured Teacher > Kylee Lehe

Sections of myself.

I became a mother in August 2009. My son, Simon, has proven to be the most brilliant creation I will ever make. That said, I was definitely not planning his arrival and had not yet found a solid, secure career that could support my son. I was living as a single mother and had just enough, but was struggling. This time of our life could definitely be considered a crisis, but I have always believed the muddier the water, the more beautiful the blossom. Simon is 100% my lotus flower.

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H&F Featured Teacher > Kate Thomas

Hi there, I’m Kate! If you haven’t taken my hustle cycle class yet you need to stop in and introduce yourself. When I’m in the cycle room it’s like my classroom, an open door policy. Share your ideas, music choices or just drop in to say “hi.”

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Mama’s Hustle

Wednesday, March 5th at 1:15pm ($15)

Get your Hustle on with instructor and studio owner Nicole Sciacca Anderson in a heart pounding 45 minute cycling class while your sweet babe is across the hall being attended to by the pros from

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Studio of the Month @ Lululemon Santa Monica

Hustle & Flow Fitness will be Lululemon Santa Monica’s studio of the month for March. Every Sunday at 9:30AM one of our amazing instructors will lead a free community yoga class at Lululemon Santa Monica.

Our in-store schedule is as follows:
March 2nd – Tearson Bickmore
March 9th LA marathon (no yoga)
March 16th – Diane Magnette
March 23rd – Nicole Sciacca Anderson
March 30th – Mary Wiggins

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Yin. Yang. Hustle. Flow.

Applying an ancient theory of medicine to your workout.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was built on the concept of yin and yang. Literally everything in the universe contains a yin aspect and a yang aspect. They are two opposite yet complementary and supporting energies. They cannot exist without each other. A good example of a yin-yang pair would be day and night. Day is the yang aspect and night is the yin aspect. Both offer totally different things, but together they create a totality, or a complete whole. We can really only grasp and understand something in relation to the whole. According to Chinese medicine, disease, which literally means “dis-ease,” happens when yin and yang are out of balance. Remember, yin and yang can be applied to anything because everything has an opposing aspect. I hope I haven’t lost you yet, and if I have, welcome to the last 3+ years of my life! Just kidding, kind of. Hang in there.

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