Prime of Life Yoga Workshop

Are you in your 40’s, 50’s, older?
Worried you’re not flexible or athletic enough?
Curious about Yoga?

This workshop is for YOU.

Don Henry will be leading us in a friendly, non-competitive environment where beginners can discover what Yoga has to offer. The focus will be on creating a Yoga practice that is the right fit for you. Benefits include: reduced stress, improved circulation, increased strength, improved posture, increased flexibility, and improved balance.

This 90 minute workshop explores:
*Safe poses linking breath and movement
*Finding the alignment in a posture that is just right for your body (function over form)
*Breathing techniques and exercises
*Guided meditation

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We are excited to announce that Don will be teaching this POLY (Prime of Life Yoga) class on Mondays at 9am every week beginning mid March.

Don Henry is 500 RYT Yoga Alliance, 500 YTRx Yoga therapy, 500 POLY and is the managing editor of Larry Payne’s Prime of Life newsletter and producer of Larry’s POLY video workshops.


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